2018 Year End Results - We drove 1648 miles to help 215 neighbors for $1814.48.  Our gas again was donated by an Angel.  22 Couches, 6 dressers, 8 recliners, 4 kitchen tables w/chairs, 24 lamps, pots & pans, bedding, dishes, silverware and more.

2017 Year End Results - We drove 1572.4 miles driven. $1582 funds raised to pay for the truck rentals.  100 secret santas supported our efforts to help those in need with their dishes, pots & pans, furniture, art work and more.

2016 Year End Results - We are thankful this year for Bentley Elementary Care Club, Our Lady Of Sorrows Giving Tree, St Kenneth's Parish, Our Lady of Good Counsel's parishioners and America's Budget Storage who continue to support our efforts. We drove 1769.50 miles and helped 296 neighbors for $2207.75 and again the gas was donated.

2015 Year End Results - We drove 1848.4 miles to help 439 neighbors for $2521.00.  Our gas again was donated by an Angel

2014 Year End Results - 2334.26 miles driven. $2681.12 funds raised to pay for the truck rentals.  120 secret santas and group of elementary children supported our efforts to help those in need with their dishes, pots & pans, furniture, art work and more.

2013 Year End Results  - 2359.2 Miles driven.   423 apartments are using real plates, silver, pots, pans, towels, hot mitts, measuring cups and more....
65 pieces of furniture donated and delivered to someone in need using 28 trucks and costing $2914.62.  Thankfully the gas is donated separately and does not come out of our working funds. 

2012 Year End Results - 35 truck rentals = $4837.74.  Gas was donated by a sponsor = $1067.48 With your help we provided 1 Art in the park with 28 pieces, 6 Yard Sales assisting over 20 homes each, we expanded into one additional storage unit for the TV's that will help next years families, and met over 165 new neighbors into the area.  Between moving services and providing the basic household needs this year we were able to assist 285 households.  

2011 Year End Results - This year we passed out over 120 sheet sets, 280 place settings to include silver, plates, bowls and mug, 14 electric skillets, pots and pans for 110 homes, 312 towel sets and held 12 Yard Sales which required 8 Cargo vans full.  Families moved included a Single Mom with 6 kids, a nursing student and her two boys  brought us to a total of 25 families.  15 seniors were relocated into better buildings and communities that offer assistance programs. 24 Trucks were rented for 24 - 48 hours depending on the need and with gas we had spent our budget by Dec 3rd.  Santa came early to us on the 16th and we were able to deliver the final furniture  pieces on Christmas Eve along with a Lighted Christmas tree to a Grandmother raising her 7 grandchildren.  All were truly blessed and thankful.

2010 Year End Results - With your support we were able to help 250 people with making their house a home.  Furniture was less this year but were still able to assist 15 families moving out of shelters into a safe home.  Bedding drives and towel drives finished up the year and the donations of pots and pans wrapped for Christmas were loved by all.  Last fall we rolled out the "Yard Sale".  A new offering once a month featuring trinkets, home decor, National Geographic magazines, VHS tapes and used CD's. At no cost to our friends these are items they could not afford to have.

2009 Year End Results - With Your Support we were able to help 210 people with dishes and silverware, 150 with bed linens, 120 with misc household items and 90 households with furniture!  We were lucky to receive the furnishings and all of  a three bedroom home in Plymouth.  2 Large trucks and a team of 8 to help 15 friends with furnishings.

What is received by our friends - Hope, to be Understood, Goodwill and Services 
For more information - email us at help@hugsindetroit.com.

Gift of Community

We encourage our friends to create possibilities for themselves to grow their communities with their talents.  Taking the time to notice the needs of others grows strong individuals and strong neighborhoods.  Connecting the City and the Suburbs to promote community through the recycling of items in need and adding less to the landfills.  We can share our gifts of time, talent and resources to improve our positive State.

Life on the Streets

We provide sleeping bags, backpacks, clean socks, weather gear and hygiene kits for the homeless in the area.


Making a House

a Home

As more updated housing becomes available for the poor in our community, we recycle, whenever possible, the items that are no longer used in one home but are needed to make another functional and livable.  Our goal is to have all the furnishings, large and small, available in our inventory whenever we receive a request. The neighborhoods we serve are located in the following zip codes 48201, 48202, 48206, 48208, and 48216.  Exceptions are made for referrals from St Dominic's Outreach, St Patrick's Senior Center or St Al's Center.

To be able to help all those who ask for it.  To have enough good pots and pans to pass out that last. A pillow for everyone.  A lamp for each room.  Items to keep their homes clean.  Art work for the walls.  A smile and a warm hug.  Volunteers.

We are grateful for St Kenneth's in Livonia for their financial support this year that will be taking us into next year.  For the Santa's and elves at Our Lady of Sorrows and for the best partner we have in America's Budget Storage.

Keeping it Clean

Currently looking for assistance with brooms, dustpans, mops, cleaning products, vacuums and trash cans.  Any items that will help them in keeping a clean house and staying ahead of the bed bugs.  These items are not eligible for purchase on the Bridge Card and not offered any where for free.

what we offer

What we can accomplish with Help, Understanding, Guidance and Support:

What can be done

2020 goals

The List

Everyone is eligible to sign up for what they need.  Whether a duffel bag for the homeless, small appliances, a can opener, household items, school supplies, job search assistance, help moving, information on where to go for services and support.  We can help with the help of others.