Our team now represents several states helping with donated yarns and projects from washcloths to scarfs to blankets.  If you like to knit/crochet or have yarn scraps we would be more than happy to accept the help.  Not ready to make a large time commitment to a project or have a small group in need of a project?  We are looking for pot holders - this easy project takes only a few days and hours to do.

The Holidays are here and  the season of giving begins.  We wish you all the best and hope that this year you may think of us.  We have been very good this year and we have our list completed.  You can also make a donation here on line to help with the cost of the trucks and gas.  Those we help do not pay for the services we provide but they do supply the labor for themselves and others in need.

Mission Statement

Urgent Projects

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Donations can come in all shapes and sizes.  We are registered with Ebay, PayPal, Lion Brand, Smile.Amazon.  When shopping or selling - Keep us in mind.

We offer Help,Understanding, Guidance and Support to the homeless, disabled and poor living in the Cass Corridor and surrounding areas.  We foster social and environmental stewardship through the provision of basic household and personal needs both recycled and new to ensure the dignity of each individual

Please contact us if you would like to donate your time or talents - One Action Has Power

HUGS Needles and Yarns Club 


This outreach has changed over the past ten years with who we serve and who serves.  It was started as two women and a truck to three women and 2 guys at our peak.  Now we are one women with a full time job and 2 guys, that we were able to help and that are able to give back.  We are a small force but able to make a difference in so many lives.  Downtown is changing. The landlords are rebuilding and affordable housing is a great concern.  We are now reaching out to support Mexican Town.

Feeling like there is something you should be doing or missing out ?  Volunteer.  You could be the one who puts together the silverware sets, the wash cloth kits, manages the list, follows up on email requests.  Lots of ways to help and we need it now more than ever.  The way to change for the better is to take that one step towards providing hope.
Clean Out your linen closet , kitchen cabinets and basements- Loose the Clutter. You will feel better when you donate the excess to those in need.  

 Volunteer - Its Great Exercise for Your Soul !!

Remember if you shop with Amazon - choose Smile and Hugs in Detroit as your charity.  A little goes along way with us.





  Are there items in your home you no longer need or items you found you have to many of?  

Check our List and see if you can help some one who has very little. Home Decor is always needed to dress up an apartment.

 Beds are always needed.  There are many still sleeping on the floor with just a blanket

Keep you prayers coming for this ministry - every little bit helps.